Pushing The Panic Button

The big thing across the internet is that last week's low rating for Raw has scared WWE. It's confusing, because if other reports are to be believed, they were expecting the hit they took because of the stiff competition they faced.

It's at times like these in the past that WWE has pushed what has come to be called “the panic button”. It's where they reset the product to something nearer what it was the last time ratings were good. Or they'll do something unnecessary and/or counter-productive in the hopes of getting a “spike”. We've seen it done before.

Putting aside the obvious – that, y'know, ratings are pretty irrelevant nowadays – there are so many reasons I hope they don't do that. WWE is in a good place right now. They're slowing the pace of their storytelling down, and as a result are telling better stories; the top championships are starting to mean something again; the tag team division has blown up; the women's division has been brought off its morphine pump; and the company seems to have direction.

Yes, it's speculative at this point. But it's in WWE's nature to do it, and it seems quite odd that Mr. McMahon is coming back out-of-the-blue like this. I just hope it's not the route they're planning to take. Pushing the “panic button” for the sake of one low rating (which may or may not have been expected) is pointless.