Being A Fan Is Acceptable

This guy is my superhero.
Here's an admission to start this off: watching CM Punk prance around in a corridor, lip syncing “Don't Give Up” by Kevin Rudolf while banging the beat on a huge water container is a highlight of 2012 for me. In fact, the whole premise of the SummerSlam 2012 music video was. It's not often we get to see wrestlers let their hair down and have a bit of fun. Usually, they have to be tough, angry, aggressive, hateful, spiteful and deceitful. Or, at the very least, just serious. So, to see a bunch of people I care about having fun for three minutes made me smile.

It was just a bit of fun.

Much like people doing their own version of the SummerSlam lip sync for the chance to be featured on WWE TV was a bit of fun. Or like how Tout is a bit of fun. Or how “marking out” - you know, that thing everyone should be doing but everyone seems to justify as a momentary blip in their super serious wrestling viewing – is a bit of fun. Just like how pro-wrestling is supposed to be a bit of fun. Somewhere, some wrestling fans have forgotten that wrestling is supposed to be fun.

It seems to me that the IWC is mostly people who take wrestling too seriously, or people who won't allow themselves to publicly have fun with wrestling for fear of being looked down on. For example: the people who made their own lip sync videos got abusive comments. One uploader asked: “why did I do this?” and another individual replied: “Because you're a faggot” (I cleaned up this gonk's spelling). Yeah, nice. This was the tone on a lot of the videos I watched. As if to say: “stop having fun. Your fandom is unacceptable.”

Look, I'm guilty of taking this ridiculous art too seriously sometimes. I get wound up about things that I should take in my stride as part of the show. I analyse too much on occasion. Hell, I have devoted a blog to de-constructing and analysing and commenting on pro-wrestling. If that's not taking this shit too seriously, I don't know what is.

But I still allow myself to have fun with this, and I certainly wouldn't try to stop others having fun, either. I love it when I hear that people “marked out”, or how people “are a mark for so and so”. It's brilliant to me, because it lets me know that people are still allowing themselves just to enjoy pro-wrestling at some point during a show, however fleetingly.

I make no bones about being a huge “mark” for CM Punk. I love the guy. He is my superhero. I'm not ashamed of that. I'm also not ashamed to say that I “marked out” for Jerry Lawler kicking Michael Cole's ass, Punk's pipebomb, Paul Heyman's return, and CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan at Over The Limit. Hell, I marked out for Santino nearly winning the Royal Rumble last year.

I realise that we can't brush everything off as “ah, it's just wrestling; it's supposed to be fun!” Some things are annoying, some decisions are absolutely ridiculous, and the treatment of people, or groups, within companies is outright infuriating at times. It's okay to take it seriously. But it's also okay to have fun with it. And it's okay for other people to have fun with it, too, even if YOU don't want to.

No matter what, wrestling is meant to be fun, guys. And if you're not marking out about something or being a mark for someone, even just sometimes, you're not doing it right. And if you don't want to be doing those things, why do you even bother watching?